About Me

Hello, my name is Ryan Dickson and I am the owner of www.dividend-freedom.com. I am not a financial advisor, just a regular guy with an abnormal obsession to become financially free.

I have searched high and low for the best way to build wealth over time and I sincerely believe that dividend investing is one of the safest and surest ways for anyone to secure their financial future.

It has been proven to be far more effective than the typical mutual fund and it is very achievable for anyone with a little desire.

I have read and studied practically everything there is to read on the subject and now I am very passionate about sharing my knowledge for the benefit of others...

This is why I created Dividend Freedom, to help you take charge of your future and enrich yourself instead of the large financial institutions with their self-serving products!

Here’s how Dividend Freedom came to life...

The Early Years

I’ve always had this thing inside that has driven me to keep educating myself on how to become wealthy and successful. I was just never happy with the status quo.

After college, I landed a job and started making money. Once the money started rolling in, I did what everyone else did and visited my local bank to get investing advice.

The banker asked questions to gauge my risk tolerance, and then recommended one of their “convenient mutual funds” for me to start investing in. So I set up an automatic withdraw plan and began investing.

It felt good at the time to see my net worth build month after month but something inside told me that there was a better way and to keep digging until I found it.

The Revelation

That’s when the obsession began...

I started devouring book after book and article after article on ways to build wealth. Several mentioned the idea of building a passive income stream until it exceeded my living expenses.

This was a revelation for me! I was determined that this would be the way I would reach financial freedom!

I then found that investing in dividend paying stocks was one of the easiest and best ways to build a growing stream of sustainable passive income.

That’s when the second wave of obsession unfolded...

I began pouring through books on dividend investing to educate myself on how to get started. I discovered that it wasn’t that complicated and began asking myself why everyone wasn’t doing it!

Going Out on My Own

When I felt I was ready, I set up a self-directed RRSP account with an online discount brokerage, liquidated all of my mutual funds and transferred all of the cash over to the new account.

Then, I slowly began acquiring high quality dividend paying companies when they were value-priced and I have not looked back since!

Let me tell you that it’s a great feeling when those dividends payments get deposited in your account and it’s an even better feeling when your companies raise their dividends!

I get a raise every year and you will too. THIS REALLY DOES WORK!

I hope that you find Dividend Freedom educational and a good base of knowledge for you to build on in your journey to wealth creation!


Ryan Dickson

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